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A new bondage position. Thanks for trying, Carly. Eventually, Carly and Vanessa are tape-gagged and bound together. Some rope burns from a previous set, Carly is asked to change into some sexy lingerie.

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It's any girl whose lustful fantasies center around the suffering they endure. If you've ever met a girl whose pussy starts to drip when you took a paddle to her ass, you know a pain slut. Some of them even cum from the rush of being tossed around and beat like a rag doll. The harder you push when you violate her holes the harder she cums when you give the command. It's a talent she has mastered and one she loves to show it off.

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She knew she was going to have a nice little orgasm from the pulsing dick. Kylie's beautiful ass and pussy are completely vulnerable to her captor's demands. It's not going to work. A petite body to match. Kylie is a beautiful girl who was arrested for taking a ride in a stolen car. This naughty slave girl is suspended from a forklift truck and packed carefully into a cardboard box and removed for shipping.

Lavendar Rayne - bondage and discipline photos

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An exotic dancer with voluptuous Double D breasts, Lavendar Rayne has never been tied up for sex, but shes hot to give bondage a try. PD goes for the breasts, binding them, lashing them to a chair, flogging and shocking them. He vibrates her to orgasm. Its the look in her eyes, the thrust of her hips, and the pleasure in her moans that tell you Lavendar has discovered the brave new world of bondage.

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Tit bondage pic from Portland

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Kali tried to do it on the bottom. I'm sure glad I did! They turn a lovely shade of purple as the bands cut off the circulation. A lot of clothes pegs all over her boots, which he eagerly licks up for her. Kali her face to remind her why she is here. Her bright blue eyes. The dildo as she plays with it teasing herself. We go back to the basics with Kali. I wanted her to suffer, to safeword, to be in.

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We're simply the instruments." They need to know everything about her if they're going to take full advantage. She says pain is her favorite thing so they're going to give her plenty. Other things can make her scream. But only the RTB crew comes up with ideas that bring her to tears with nothing but the anticipation. Rain's terrified of it, but she's helpless to resist. Even all of her fear can't prepare her for it.

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