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Kristen and Madyson team up to sexually use and abuse their sexy little patient. Redheaded secretary Kristen is the victim of an office robbery. The man-handling, humiliation and electrical play, always reminding Kristen that a bad attitude equals increased pain. This innocent looking girl loves licking ass and getting fucked with big cocks.

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Tia Ling is a busty Asian girl with a tight body who likes anal sex. After submitting to Derrick Pierce and getting fucked in tight bondage, she now has a new fondness for BDSM. This update features lots of hot fucking, punishment and obedience.

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After three orgasms she is blindfolded. She wouldnt be able to sit tomorrow at the lessons! April takes The Eva in the ass for his trouble. We'll give her a very uncomfortable pussy and anal search! April was beaten, dominated, humiliated, and brutally fucked for losing.

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Alejandra shows off her new boobs in this predicament bondage. Alejandra is completely immobile and silent. Alejandra is flogged and fucked until she creams. She is in jail nothing can stop her from doing it again! After being stripped off she was given a very deep anal cavity search!

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We bind her at the waist, pushing her hips down on the vibrator so there is no chance of her pushing up off it for relief. A ball-gag is definitely in order. We mousetrap her nipples, cane her helpless body, and turn the Sybian up. We spank Mia's incredible ass while the Sybian makes her cum like a whore.

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Angie is well prepared for the punishment. This roleplay update, Angie goes to the clinic for a standard procedure that turns into a kinky fantasy come true. Angie shoot together was pretty good, this one was even better! How high she can take no more and ends up cumming one last time and explodes with a river of squirt. Angie is brought in and tied in a strappado.

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The first scene of this movie is arguably one of the best public disgrace scenes ever shot. She is bound in severe metal shoes that make it impossible for her to move even the slightest bit. She must put all her concentration into standing up straight and not falling flat on her face. This is just the beginning of Kitty's day in the wide open tourist destination.

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Jayden wiggles and squirms but she can't escape the ropes. She won't be leaving home anytime soon sore bottom or not! Only Jayden wrestling on the net, Precious style. But I had no idea that he would do a good job, but I had no idea what she was getting herself into. Those innocent eyes that are a good cover for a wild and sexual chick.

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We're simply the instruments." They need to know everything about her if they're going to take full advantage. She says pain is her favorite thing so they're going to give her plenty. Other things can make her scream. But only the RTB crew comes up with ideas that bring her to tears with nothing but the anticipation. Rain's terrified of it, but she's helpless to resist. Even all of her fear can't prepare her for it.