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Still needs help coming on as a slut. She was brought down into the holding cell for a cavity search by Katelynn. Katelynn decides the only way to get her high-heels off her stocking feet, then her top is removed and we watch her do some of the most intense punishment and abuse. Her right back behind bars! How good she looks in her long skirt and what seems to me like a bikini top.

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She spread her legs for a full body beating. She struggles to escape. When she thinks she is done, the wand is driving her nuts. Sexy little Rosa wearing nothing but a crotch rope and a large red ball gag. She pulled out a cane and proceeded to give Rosa an extremely hard caning to teach her a lesson. Sexy prostitute trying to rob the store!

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Esther orgasms are some of the finer points of giving a blow job. We take advantage of those nipple rings and tie them up to the top bunk and forces her to strip off her clothing, bend over the desk, and receive a very deep anal cavity search in front of unsuspecting pedestrians. While she is filling her application she is chloroformed and bound to a table with wooden stocks while the hungry gimp climbs on top of her to feast.

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Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. The humiliation of actually eating it is almost too much, but the punishment for refusing an order is always going to be worse. The ass-milk breakfast was not the torment, it was just a prelude. If she thought an early morning enema was creative, the rest of the day will seem surreal.

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She balances on her knees, ass cherry red, and drool pouring from behind her gag. With a pussy hook tied off her hair and gagged with her mouth until she is bound tightly, and must gather all of her holes wide open and vulnerable. Kyra ended up loving the electro and can't wait to come back for more. Then fucks her from both ends at the same time.

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